Catering Manager

Vicki lives by two main philosophies:

  1. Do what you say you are going to do
  2. Under-promise and over-deliver

As a result, she is pro-active, service oriented, organized and efficient.  Her main strengths are that she is dedicated; detail oriented and enjoys working on a team.

Vicki has an extensive background in Early Childhood Education and Multicultural teaching both in US and in Europe.  She received ongoing recognition and the Family Partnership Award from the parents and staff within six months of employment.  This passion for nurturing and helping people is what drew her to the Hospitality Industry over six years ago.

At the Pines Manor Vicki had to work hard on her way up and did so with such a drive she was Employee of the Month five times and 2010 Employee of the Year.  Her journey to Catering Manager included positions as Executive Office Administrator, Accounts Payable, Purchasing & Invoicing and Marketing Assistant.  Vicki has a full understanding of how the whole operation works and her guests benefit from her well-rounded knowledge.

There is not a task, event or problem that Vicki shies away from.  Her diverse experience has made her perfect for clients of all backgrounds and ethnicities.  She is always positive and works efficiently in all situations delivering the same high quality results to each and every project.  Stop in to visit Vicki today and discuss the your event with her.  She will be more than happy to make your event a success.